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Hope First, Inc. Helping Others Pursue Excellence through Enrichment, Enhancement, Empowerment and Excellence. Our mission is to bring hope to today’s youth population. It is our belief that every child has the potential to be the best, to be an over achiever.  Your child has the ability to learn, grow and believe the impossible is possible.

Through workshops, seminars and specialized programming we offer a motivational program that inspires young people to discover their inner self and deliver what God has placed inside of them.  Given the opportunity to learn every child can succeed and become a leader in today’s society.

At Hope First we believe in turning dreams into destiny.  A child’s destiny is determined by his/her upbringing, structure and environment.  When a child is being loved, developed and groomed by responsible teachers and leaders they will produce.  As stated in the African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child…” and Hope First is one of those villages where children are being mentored and given opportunities to express themselves.

The Standard of Excellence Youth Conference is making a difference in the lives of young people guiding them in their faith and empowering them to live for Jesus! As we embark upon the next decade of “helping others pursue excellence” we invite you to register your children, youth and young adults for this amazing conference and life changing experience.  

who are we?

Who Are We?

hope for the future


We believe in the quality of EXCELLENCE in every person. Recognizing the existing talents as well as the unidentified talents to
build a foundation centered around Achievement and excellence.

We believe in the EMPOWERMENT of children and youth by
equipping them with the proper tools for success. Children and youth are given the freedom to create, invent and  explore their success.

We believe in the ENHANCEMENT of self. Recognizing that children and youth need instruction and direction including culture, diversity and traditional values. Together this leads to success, achievement and happiness in the quality of life.

We believe in the power of ENRICHMENT by providing resources and networking for children and youth to expand their
access and availability to resources which will increase the value of their talent.





christian learning academy


Worship & Arts

  • Orchestra

  • Hip Hop Dance

  • Liturgical Dance

  • Lyrical Evangelism

  • Drama Production

  • Sound Engineering

  • Spoken Word-Poetry

  • Visual Arts

  • Vocal Technique

  • Worship Team

The Worship & Arts Academy (WAA) is designed for all forms of Praise and Worship
to God. It is a collection of gifts in music, song, dance, spoken word and expressions
used in worship that edify God and exalt him in praise”. Whether it is your gift, talent or
training you can use what you have to give glory to God, every voice and every
expression of praise can be used in worship. The WAA will instruct you on the purpose,
preparation and presentation for ministering your gift and its place in worship. Learn the
key components of Worship Arts ministry which include: ministry, music, scripture,
performance, choreography, costume and props. The gift belongs to God and our
worship is to him.

Master Life Class

  • Career Building

  • Financial Planning

  • Leadership

  • Life Skills

  • Personal Development

  • Vision Boards

Master Life Class is a series of classes designed to guide young people into their life
discovery. Personal development and self-actualization is key to character building and
leadership. Discover the me inside of you and learn how to cultivate what God has
created you to be. You are beautifully and wonderfully made by God.

Core Classes

  • Beliefs

  • Faith

  • Discipleship

  • Identity

  • Loving Me

  • Prayer

The Core Class curriculum provides bible-based instruction, that is practical and
relevant. Addressing Christian beliefs, bible basics, social awareness and your
personal journey. The curriculum is age specific for children, youth and young adults

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